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Do you own your business...Or does your business own you?

At 31 Miles, we help business owners build their business "operating systems", so they can grow their business without sacrificing their souls.Scale well past $20 million with our proprietary Business Avalanche framework.With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and a proven business track record, we know we can help you because we have been there, done that.



Learn about the method that helps founders double their profits...while slashing their "work hours" and taking at least one 30-day vacation a year.

Discovery Call

This is a 15-min, no-pressure discovery call to understand your business goals and challenges.If we can help you, we will propose the way forward based on the requirements and our experience.If we can't, we will be glad to point you towards relevant resources that might help.

Snowball: Business Audit

This is a 1-hour video call to do an audit of the business and propose quick steps to take it to the next level.Who is this for?You want to address specific challenges or need a sounding board for ideas you are unsure about or want to know the best next step.

Avalanche: CMO Private Access

This is a 6 month intensive (Up to 26x 1.5 hr calls) where we review the business and its current processes and plan strategic initiatives to help the business achieve its vision. You will receive a tailored consultation for a specific topic, as well as important connections to elevate your business.We act as your CMO that guides you and your leadership team to success.Who is this forYou need specific guidance on omnichannel marketing strategy, like email marketing, influencer marketing, paid ads, etc.

Crystalize: Group Coaching

Weekly 1 hr calls, renewable every 6 months.Who is this for?You want to broaden your or your team's knowledge or experience on marketing and/or business growth.Expand your network within the group.

What People Say About Us

"My team and I has more clarity now after working with Howie."

Gena Lau - Founder and CEO | Stellar K Beauty

"Throughout my time working with Howie. I’ve know him to be a fast learner and keen observer of trends and opportunity.Whatever Howie takes up, he is committed and goes all out to achieve his goals and KPI. He looks at business challenges in different ways and is a great problem solver. Hence it is no surprise that he led and grew one of our sales channels 20x to over $2m monthly in the 3+ years he was with Truegenics.As a leader, Howie is well respected and I always value his opinions. There were moments that he kindly pointed out areas of improvement even for myself. Following his advice and making adjustments made me a better person and leader.To this day we still keep in touch and I am always interested to hear any ideas that Howie shares."

Alvin Huang - Founder and CEO | Truegenics Pte Ltd

"I absolutely loved working with Howie! He is an action taker with a positive attitude.He has strong knowledge of digital marketing, direct response sales funnels, e-commerce and affiliate marketing.He can see high level and at the same time dive into the details and data.Also, everyone loves Howie! Howie is a very dynamic and an excellent communicator.He sees all sides of a challenge and goes above and beyond the initial problem to find a solution.He thinks outside the box and brings in opportunities that drive revenue and profitability that might have been overlooked.He works super hard and focuses on results.Howie and I will be friends for years to come."

Djamel Bettahar - Co-Founder | Organifi

"After just a few short calls with Howie, he was able to identify ways that I can improve my systems, improve my revenue, and save time throughout my business operations."

Joey Justice (77.5K Followers on X) - Performance Coach, SaaS Co-Founder, COO of Dan Koe

When I left my stable 9-5 job and started my Coaching & Education business, I knew it was important to build a personal brand.As I had no prior experience, I reached out to Howie, who helped me with copywriting, marketing and the psychology of how to close customers.Howie was also instrumental at segmenting the market and helped me find the right note which my audience would resonate with.With his guidance, I managed to close a over $10,000 in 3 monthsI would strongly recommend anyone who wants to start a micro-business to learn from Howie.I'll put my money on Howie anytime.

Han - Director of Byte Sized Investments

"If you're ready to scale your social media, e-commerce, building your funnels, or affiliate traffic, he's definitely the man you want to call"

Kristin Shenk - Lead Affiliate Manager, Waddle Bear Media


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Case Studies

Real Companies, Real Results

Truegenics Pte Ltd

A company in the health niche we’ve helped to scale from $100k a month to $2m a month.

E-commerce Store

A personal project in the parenting niche, scaled from $0 to 7-figures in 15 months.

Setu Nutrition

A health and beauty company specializing in supplements.We've helped to increase email open rates from 14% to as high as 30%.While revenue increased 68% within 2 months of working together.

The Consultant

Howie Tan

We've been there before, that's why we know how to support you.

Need in-depth support?

Take it to the next level in 2 ways:

Time Frame3 monthsMin 6 months
Works withStakeholdersWhole Team
Best forSpecific IssuesFixing Strategy
EngagementWeekly callsEmbedded
Investment$9000/quarter4-5 Figures/mth


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